Glass cutting
The processing of flat glass starts with cutting of the glass. W-Glass owns the LISEC fully automatic cutting assembly line GTI PETER LISEC / ATH-3, ESL – 37/33 RS, BTH – 6. We cut glass with 4mm up to 19mm thickness and that with measurements up to 3210 x 6000mm.

Edging of glass
During our production process, we use the double-sided edging assembly line BOTTERO.
BOTTERO TITAN 220 N is a modern fully automatic edging assembly line, which allows to edge glass with thickness of 4. up to maximum measurements 2000×3600 mm.

Drilling and milling
INTERMAC MASTER BEVEL is our fully automatic bench (CNC), which allows us to offer our customers processing of holes and specially shaped straight surface flat glass. Intermac Master Bevel enables drilling of wide holes, milling of glass, edging of specially shaped glasses with measurements up to 1470 x 2900 mm.

Drilling of holes
If the glass you have ordered needs holes, then we would use the Italian produced ZAFFERRAN machine for drilling, which allows to make holes with a diameter of 4-45 mm. Drilling holes that are bigger and/or polished from the inside is done on the fully automatic Intermac Master Bevel CNC bench.

Washing of Glasses
The cleanliness of the glasses is important for the tempering process. We use the flat glass washing machine BENTELER, which is manufactured in Germany.

Tempering of Glass
Tempering of flat glass is a thermal process, during which the glass is heated up in a special furnace until it reaches the melting point and then it is rapidly cooled with airdrafts. During the process, the glass will achieve 5 to 8 times more strength resistance to external factors. In the case of shattering, the pieces of glass are small with round edges, which eliminates the danger of greater injuries.

W-Glass owns the worlds’ leading tempering furnace manufacturers’ GLASTON TAMGLASS HTF III series tempering furnace assembly line, which enables us to temper glass with minimal measurements of 280 x 100mm and maximum measurements 2090 x 3600mm

Laminated glass consists of two or more layers of glass, in between which the PVB plastic film (laminated film) or special resin (resin laminated) is. If the glass breaks, the pieces of the glass will stick to the film or the resin. It is advised to use both tempering and laminating for glass surfaces, which are used in places with higher safety requirements (tempered laminate).

W-Glass in co-operation with its partners offers laminated glasses with measurements up to 3210 x 6000mm

Stages of our glass production: