Sauna doors

W-Glass, also produces complex full glass sauna doors. We use either laminated timber pine or alder to manufacture our doors. The glass is 8mm tempered security glass, which is available in different colours- bronze, grey, blue, green, satin and ordinary clear. It is possible to order the door with three different types of door handles (ordinary doorknob, long door handle, horizontal door handle). Adjustable, high quality Fiskars door hinges are used, which are available in two shades (bronze/silver grey). In addition, it is possible to order adjustable roller locks, also available in two shades.

The doors can be installed to open left or right (moving the upper slat to the other direction). Plugs are included in the package to cover the assembly holes. The door is packed into cardboard packaging.

Standard measurements of sauna doors offered by us:

Standard size Exact outer size of door (mm) Size of glass (mm)
7×19 690×1890 620×1850
8×19 790×1890 720×1850
9×19 890×1890 820×1850
7×20 690×1990 620×1950
8×20 790×1990 720×1950
9×20 890×1990 820×1950
7×21 690×2090 620×2050
8×21 790×2090 720×2050
9×21 890×2090 820×2050

We also make full glass sauna doors according to the measurements required by customers.