Exterior solutions

In external conditions the use of glass produced by W-Glass OÜ is diverse.


Tempered laminated glass can be used as a shelter to protect a building from external conditions. This is also a safe solution that increases the value of the building. 

In addition to the awnings, it is possible to give a final touch to the exterior of the building with external boundaries in a wide range of colour shades, which give a sense of safety without limiting the view. According to the customer’s request, we manufacture glass for terraces, balconies and winter gardens.

Talking about external boundaries, then among the orders from private and business customers and new developments we would highlight Foorum shopping centre and the modern office building Das Haus at the corner of Pärnu Road and Süda Street.

Flat glass processed by W-Glass OÜ also suits urban spaces, for example, in bus and waiting pavilions. The choice of the colour shades of our glass is wide and from the work done we would highlight the glass of the waiting pavilion at Freedom Square in Tallinn, the glass of the bus pavilions in Malmö, the glass of waiting pavilions at Barajas Airport in Madrid and in the charging point of electric cars in Sweden.

Of the completed work, we would highlight the glass of the awning of the North Estonian Regional Hospital.

Additional information and ordering

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