Terms and conditions of sale


1.1. These terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as the Conditions) of the ordering system of W-Glass OÜ (hereinafter referred to as the Ordering System) apply when ordering from the Ordering System of W-Glass OÜ at https://www.w-glass.eu. The seller of the goods is W-Glass OÜ (hereinafter referred to as the Seller), address Tööstuse 47, 10416 Tallinn, registry code 10823375, tel. +372 612 0601, e-mail address info@w-glass.eu. The Conditions apply to legal relationships arising between any person (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) and the Seller when ordering goods via the Ordering System of W-Glass.

1.2. The Seller has the right to unilaterally amend and supplement the Conditions by publishing the new Conditions online at https://www.w-glass.eu/en/terms-of-sale/. If the Customer places an order before the amendments to the Conditions enter into force, the legal relationship between the Customer and the Seller is subject to the Conditions in force at the time of placing the order.

1.3. The Customer can save, print and reproduce the Conditions where necessary before making a purchase and agrees to the provisions of the Conditions upon placing an order in the Ordering System.

1.4. In addition to the Conditions, placing an order in the Ordering System is subject to the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.



2.1. The Customer fills in all of the necessary information fields related to their order in the Ordering System.

2.2. The Seller sends an e-mail confirming the order to the e-mail address specified by the Customer.

2.3. The Customer confirms the order confirmation sent to their e-mail address and thereby accepts all of the data set out in the order confirmation.

2.4. The contract between the Seller and the Customer enters into force once the order has been confirmed.

2.5. Any amendments to the order after its confirmation by the Customer add a minimum of 50 euros to the price.

2.6. Any information on the payment (invoice) is sent by the Seller to the Customer by e-mail.



3.1. The Customer pays the full selling price for the purchased goods by the due date specified on the invoice and a delivery fee in accordance with clause 4 of the Conditions.

3.2. If the invoice issued on the basis of the order confirmation is not paid by its due date, the invoice is subject to daily interest on arrears of 0.25% of the amount due until the debt is fully paid.



4.1. Receipt of goods from W-Glass

4.1.1. Goods are issued from the production facility of W-Glass during its opening hours.

4.1.2. Goods are issued to the Customer on the basis of the order number.

4.1.3. The Seller is not liable for damage incurred by the Customer if third parties gain possession of a copy of the invoice or the unique order number for reasons not attributable to the Seller and collect goods on the basis thereof.

4.1.4. Goods are issued from storage within three working days of the confirmed delivery date. For further storage, the Customer pays a daily storage fee of 5 euros per m2. VAT at the rate of 20% is added to the price.

4.1.5. If goods are collected from the production facility of W-Glass, no delivery fee is added to the price.

4.1.6. The risk of damage to goods transfers to the Customer from the moment of receipt of the goods.

4.2. Receipt of goods by courier

4.2.1. The Customer must ensure the receipt of goods at the time and place agreed.

4.2.2. Upon receipt of goods, the Customer is obliged to carefully remove the glass packed on trestles from its film packaging without doing any damage to the goods.

4.2.3. If the Customer discovers upon receiving goods that the goods sent to them are incorrect or defective or the goods do not reach the Customer in good condition, the Seller must immediately be notified thereof.

4.2.4. W-Glass OÜ reserves the right to restrict the issuing of goods to the Customer if the Customer has failed to pay for their previous orders.



5.1. The standard EN 12150-1 on toughened glass requires that glass be marked with a permanent marking that includes the following information: the name or trademark of the manufacturer and the number of European standard EN 12150-1.

If the Customer has ordered the glass without the toughened glass stamp of W-Glass OÜ, a certificate of conformity is not issued for the order.



6.1. The Seller has the right to use (and process) personal data provided by the Customer and purchase data in accordance with existing legislation to the extent necessary to fulfil an order placed by the Customer in the Ordering System on the website of W-Glass.

6.2. The Seller processes the personal data of the Customer for the following purposes:

6.2.1. fulfilment of orders placed via the Ordering System;

6.2.2. management of Customer relationships in the Ordering System and communication with the Customer;

6.2.3. responding to Customer queries;

6.2.4. legitimate interest;

6.2.5. studying consumer habits;

6.2.6. preparation of sales statistics;

6.2.7. management and development of the capabilities of the Ordering System.

6.3. The Seller applies all measures (including administrative, technical and physical measures) to protect the personal data of the Customer. Only authorised persons have access to data for its modification and processing.

6.4. The Customer has the right at any time to obtain their personal data from the Seller and to request that their personal data be rectified, forwarded or no longer processed. Applications should be submitted electronically to the e-mail address of W-Glass OÜ at info@w-glass.eu with ‘Personal data’ in the subject line. In order to ensure the security of personal data processing, the Customer’s application must be digitally signed. The Seller has the right to refuse the Customer’s application if the Customer’s identity cannot be established or the transmission of personal data is not secure.

6.5. If the Customer feels that the personal data processing within the Ordering System service infringes their rights, the Customer has the right to appeal to W-Glass OÜ (by e-mailing info@w-glass.eu), the Data Protection Inspectorate and the courts.



7.1. The Ordering System uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is automatically saved on the Customer’s device by the web browser. Cookies are used in order to collect information about how the Customer uses the Ordering System, with the purpose of providing the Customer with a better user experience.

7.2. The Ordering System uses the following cookies:

7.2.1. session cookies, the purpose of which is to enable use of the Ordering System;

7.2.2. persistent cookies, the purpose of which is to remember the choices made by the Customer in the Ordering System;

7.2.3. first- and/or third-party cookies, the purpose of which is to show advertising and offers tailored to the Customer;

7.2.4. third-party analysis cookies, the purpose of which is to optimise marketing communication.

7.3. The Customer may delete and/or block cookies saved on their devices by changing their relevant web browser settings. If cookies are not used, the Ordering System may not work as planned and/or some of its functions may be unavailable to the Customer.

7.4. In addition to analysis cookies, the Ordering System uses pixels (pixel tags and web beacons) to monitor how the website of W-Glass OÜ at www.w-glass.eu is used. This does not include the processing of data that enables the identification of persons.



8.1. In order to lodge a complaint, please send an e-mail to info@w-glass.eu. The complaint must set out the Customer’s name and contact details, the date of lodging the complaint and the nature of the complaint. A document certifying the purchase must also be attached.

8.2. When fulfilling the order, the Seller is not liable for any damage incurred through the submission of incorrect data by the Customer or for any other consequence, including a delay in delivery, if this is caused by circumstances that the Seller could not have affected.

8.3. The Seller is not liable for any damage incurred through the non-purposeful use of goods ordered.