Social responsibility

During our 20 years of being active we have been paying more and more attention to sustainability and made some fundamental changes in order to move towards a more environmentally friendly method of production. We sense a growing responsibility both on an organisational and regional level. Responsibility requires the realisation and establishment of real and visible results.

In order to maintain continuity and to monitor results, we have created an action plan for a greener footprint within the organisation. Be it responsible use of electric power, water, flat glass, wood or laminating film during the manufacturing process, all of these are exceptionally important manufacturing resources for us that require sustainability. Moreover, we have a very clear future vision of how to make our production even more environmentally friendly and how to systematically reduce our carbon footprint.

As a socially responsible employer, on a regional level we wish to be providers of a safe workspace where every employee feels welcome and valued in the team. The aim of the motivation package offered by W-Glass is to guide employees in lifelong development, to create a mutually respectful working environment and to foster the development and maintenance of team spirit.”



Raw material and production resources


We buy the raw material necessary for production processes from the world’s leading manufacturers: all the necessary glass comes from glass manufacturers Pilkington and AGC Flat Glass, 95% of our laminating film comes from the German manufacturer Kuraray Europe GmbH. When choosing suppliers we have based our decisions on a green mindset and the amount of recovered/recycled material used in manufacturing the raw material.

As a manufacturing company we know how much electricity we use in our daily work. And that’s exactly why we wish to manufacture 30% of all necessary electricity ourselves by the year of 2025, using the renewable energy park we built. We will cover the remaining electric power necessity with electricity from Eesti Energia, 40% of which is manufactured from renewable energy.

We are taking actual steps for reducing our carbon footprint and we regularly plant trees in forests. All in all we have planted more than 30.2 hectares of spruce and pine cuttings in Saku municipality and Läänemaa. That is nearly 68,500 cuttings!

Using water in a reasonable amount and a thoughtful manner is also important for W-Glass production, in addition to electricity. Therefore we reuse water in our manufacturing process. In the future, we wish to use rain water in our production.

In addition to electric power and water we try to manage manufacturing resources as effectively as possible in our everyday work and to optimise the use of flat glass in a way that creates as little waste as possible. We collect the created waste, use 1.3% of it ourselves for manufacturing glass samples and the rest we send to recycling stations for recovering purposes, where the flat glass waste is given a new life. Also the wood waste created during demolishing/building glass stools and plastic created during packaging all goes to recycling separately.


Providers of a continuous and safe workspace


On a regional level we wish to continuously contribute to economic development and to create and maintain a safe workspace. We value all of our employees and we believe that every one of us deserves the best and contributes to the organisation. When creating the working environment we made sure to provide the employees with the best working environment possible, where they can develop, learn and grow with their colleagues.

Without exception, all W-Glass employees will have:

  • Equal opportunities. The W-Glass team doesn’t tolerate discrimination. We offer equal opportunities for both men and women, irrespective of their age, ethnicity or religion.
  • A work-life balance. We take into account the employees’ wishes and needs by providing a flexible work schedule.
  • Necessary training on the spot. Be it our production unit or office, every new employee gets the best training and support possible.
  • Participation in joint events and acknowledgment on special days. Birthdays, birth of a child, Christmas, vastlapäev and a lot more.